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13 June, 2020

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elephant death
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Everything nowadays has to start with Covid-19. it’s like a hep mantra, or the new jargon of life. Covid-19 virus is doing what it’s meant to do. KILL. Or atleast try. And our doctors and medical magicians are also doing their best in fighting it off, but for what? For humans? Or for humanity?

Some would argue that both are the same. We are humans and our actions is humanity. Or our stand for each other is humanity? Humanity as a concept according to me is largely the differentiation of right from wrong, and doing the right for mankind. Most would say that’s DHARMA.

That brings me to the subject of this conversation, when a dead pregnant elephant was found in a river in Kerala. What was that an example of? DHARMA or HUMANITY? Maybe I am wrong but I am trying my level best to think of a reason to have fed a beautiful creature like the elephant a pineapple stuffed with crackers. Could it have been a joke? Whos’s laughing? Could it have been a mistake? Wait, mistake? You can feed an elephant a rotten pineapple by mistake. You could have left the pineapple outside and the elephant ate by mistake.

But stuffing the pineapple with crackers? Could that be a mistake? What was that person thinking while doing this? I can’t figure a sane or humane mindset doing this. I can’t think a person in his/her right frame of mind tried stuffing a fruit with crackers and having it fed to a pregnant elephant.
So what can we say? We have lost our humanity? No, no,no, let’s do what everyone’s doing let’s blame it on the situation created by this Covid-19 virus that’s getting people to do all sorts of inhuman things.

Some doctors are refusing to consult, some hospitals are over charging, positive cases people are getting snatched from their family, deaths are happening in quarantine and bodies are not being given back to families, people are isolating themselves from their loved ones. We’re moving away from each other more now than ever. Let’s blame it all on Covid-19. there’s still a question lingering somewhere, HUMANITY- WHAT’S THAT?

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