Hugh Jackman claims he has nothing in common with Wolverine: ‘As an actor, I never felt safe.’

Hugh Jackman claims he has nothing in common with Wolverine: ‘As an actor, I never felt safe.’

Hugh Jackman has spoken out about the challenges of being an actor and taking more risks.

Hugh Jackman is speaking up about the role that launched his career and catapulted him to stardom. Hugh became a household name for playing the Marvel comics fictional character Wolverine in the first X-Men film two decades ago. However, the actor has since revealed that he is nothing like the mutant superhero with whom fans sometimes equate him. “I think it’s important for me to be put in circumstances where I’m not confident I can pull it off,” he said. “I’ve never felt secure as an actor.”

Hugh Jackman says he is nothing like Wolverine: 'Never felt safe as an actor' | Hollywood - Hindustan Times

“When I first started in this profession, the playbook for being a movie star was mysterious,” the 53-year-old Academy Award contender told IndieWire in a recent interview. “Do not let anyone in. Make them desire more. Don’t give anything away. “Project a certain image.” Hugh went on to say that this concept has changed over time. “Now I believe there is a responsibility for someone like me to express the fear of discussing vulnerability,” he stated. “Of course, I’d rather go through what everyone else is going through than project some idealised notion of myself.” I’m trying to be more public about it.”

Meanwhile, with the news that Hugh Jackman would be facing off against Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3 to reprise his X-Men persona, the actor is under immense pressure to live up to fan expectations. Hugh admits that he feels more connected to the character of Peter Miller in his upcoming film The Son, a divorced father struggling to rebuild his life while caring for his troubled son.”This character brought back regrets and mistakes I’ve done,” Hugh explained. “I think one of the movie’s big messages is that love isn’t always enough.”When you approach parenting with a bit more humility and understanding, you probably see things from a different perspective. As a parent, you understand your own upbringing and preferences.”

The Son is directed by Florian Zeller, who won an Oscar for co-writing The Father in 2020. It also stars Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby, and Zen McGrath. The film will be released in select theatres on November 25th by Sony Pictures.







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