How A Senior UP Police Officer Surprised Officers While Disguised

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How A Senior UP Police Officer Surprised Officers While Disguised

A female police officer in Uttar Pradesh disguised herself and contacted an emergency number with a bogus report of an armed robbery to see how the local police would react.

People who constantly point out what they see to be callousness demonstrated by policemen in Uttar Pradesh may be surprised that the cops reportedly passed the test.

In order to totally conceal her face from her subordinates on Thursday, Charu Nigam, an IPS (Indian Police Service) officer and Superintendent of Police, Auraiya, dressed civilian clothing, a drape, sunglasses, and a mask.

When Ms. Nigam called 112, the control room number for such SOS calls from the roadway, she pretended to be the victim of an armed robbery. No matter where you are, aid will arrive within five minutes according to the emergency line.

Watch: How A Senior UP Police Officer, In Disguise, Surprised Cops - Divya  Bharat 🇮🇳

My name is Sarita Chauhan. She exclaimed, “I was robbed by two armed men,” in a high-pitched voice.

The officer may be seen using a phone on a desolate section of road in videos and pictures posted by the Auraiya police on Twitter.

Her panic call apparently prompted three police officers, who arrived with a team.

Unaware that their boss was observing, the cops took note of the woman’s complaint and began their inquiries.

Before experiencing the shock of their lives, the team spent nearly an hour inspecting automobiles. The agitated woman was actually their senior officer.

The local police’s “reaction time” was “acceptable,” Ms. A police tweet claims that Nigam contemplated after seeing for herself.







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