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Highest paid youtuber in the world is a nine year old kid!  

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Highest paid youtuber in the world is a nine year old kid!  

Highest paid youtubers in the world
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Highest paid YouTuber in the world is a nine-year-old kid!  


  1. 10. Jeffree Star – $15 Million 

Jeffree Star’s content is related to makeup and it is attracting both young and adult audiences. An estimation of $15 Million is what he has earned from June 2019 – June 2020. The total number of subscribers he has is 16.9 million. A total of 600 Million views is found in his account during the period. He has a makeup line of his own. Through the youtube channel he is also selling his products directly to consumers. A quick sell was his eyeshadow palettes, 1 million eyeshadow palettes were sold in 30 minutes!  

Jeffree Star

  1. 9. David Dobrik – $15.5 Million

David does anything to make his audience laugh, from driving a convertible through a car wash to surprising his friend by marrying his mother (they divorced after a month). He is also famous in tik tok where he has 24.7 million followers. Comedy is his number and his devoted audience helps him in developing his apparel business. He has also obtained sponsorships from corporate companies like SeatGeek, Bumble, EA, etc. 

David Dobrik

  1. 8. Blippi (Stevin John) – $17 Million

Stevin John, is the only adult in this list creating kids content. His screen name is Blippi. This name creates attraction within children. In his channel he produces videos of Children’s museum tours, he sings about aquatic animals, etc. He has a merchandise line for himself at BigBox Retailers. The iconic orange glasses and blue and orange beret  are the top sellers. 


  1. 7. Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya) – $18.5 Million

Anastasia, a six year old is the youngest in this Forbes list. This youtuber has earned over $18.5 Million in a year. Her channel features videos of her and her father having a good time playing legos, doing household chores, explaining about viruses, etc. She is in the Forbes list of highest paid youtubers from last year. She has over 190.6 Million subscribers and she is also famous in TikTok with 3 Million followers! 


  1. 6. Preston Arsement – $19 Million

Preston digs gold from the pixelated world. His channel is all about gaming. He also operates several worthwhile servers, where users pay to access Minecraft Worlds he has created or for in-game purchase. He branched out to several gaming youtube channels. Another famous channel of his is Preston Cosmic in which he would explore his servers only.  He has earned over $19 million this year.

Preston Arsement

  1. 5. Markiplier (Mark Fischbach) – $19.5 Million

Mark used his interest and love on games as his channel’s content. He breakdowns ultra-popular video games. There are many other people in this world with the same game craze, among them 27.8 million crazy gamers are his subscribers. He has earned across $19.5 million this year. His 31 part series exploring 2013’s Cry of Fear is one of the massive hits. 


  1. 4. Rhett & Link – $20 Million

They started their nerdy talk show in “Good Mythical Morning” back in 2012. Their interactive videos with kids are always a hit. Comedy is their main content. They quit their engineering job and started making comic videos. Later, the duo started their own Youtube channel and now they have many youtube channels in hand. Their natural comedy with children or whoever is there with them always wins different kinds of audiences. They have earned around $20 million this year, which got them to the 4th place in the Forbes’ list.

Rhett & Link

  1. 3. Dude Perfect – $23 Million

Dude Perfect is a channel that has five friends like brothers having fun playing with lightsabers, Nerf Guns and paintballs. No they are not kids. These are full grown adults! The comedy in Dude Perfect’s channel is associated with sports. There are many super hit videos in which they teach trick shots and all. Their annual income is found to be $23 million this year. 

Dude Perfect


  1. 2. Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) – $ 24 Million

Mr. Beast, the newbie into the youtube universe, this year. His special holiday episode was very famous as he experimented with the costliest firework ever. The firework was of 400 pounds; they had to lift it with a forklift to the spot. He is also famous for giving away huge amounts of money. He handed out $200,000 to many who had lost their jobs during lockdown. Jimmy Donaldson’s Manager promised that the ideas are going to be crazier and Donaldson is continuing to upgrade the production production quality by spending large amounts of money on it. The Youtuber has earned $24 Million (approx.) 

Mr. Beast Jimmy Donaldson

  1. 1. Ryan Kaji – $ 29.5 Million

Ryan Kaji, a nine-year-old kid is the highest-paid YouTuber this year, according to Forbes. He made $29.5 million in a year from his channel. He was the highest-paid YouTuber last year too. Family story time, DIY Science experiments, and toy reviews are his video content most of the time. It is very aspiring to see a nine-year-old kid as the highest-paid YouTuber in the world. This clearly explains that age is just a number. Smartness and hard work are the two important keys for a successful business. 

Ryan Kaji

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