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Here’s why Zomato’s tweet made people laugh

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The tweet from Zomato “we hope everyone is doing okay without pani puri, please stay strong we can get through this”. The tweet began to pull many reactions from people missing their Favorite snack.

The tweet has collected with more than 400 likes with in a few hours. The tweet has also funny reactions from people saying how badly the girls missing the chaat during lockdown.

Many people also slammed zomato for reminding about panipuri. Earlier zomato also asked people to cook food at their home, during the COVID-19 crisis, since the goverment had blocked all the food deliveries as a precautionary measure due to the spread of the disease.

We Chennaiyil team also understand how many of you are missing your popular snack during this period, and would urge you to try and make it at home to savor these missing flavors of life.

zomato's pani puri