Hansika performs two roles in “Gandhari.”

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Hansika performs two roles in “Gandhari.”

Hansika plays two roles in Kannan’s next movie, Gandhari: a tribal girl and a person who works with the Aranilaya Thurai in the state. The director recently published a poster from the movie that depicts the actress’s appearance as the indigenous girl.

When discussing the time and work put into creating the character’s appearance, Kannan explains, “The character appears in the period portion, in the 1940s, and we have based her on the Narikurava community. I spent six months conducting research to support the story with Dhananjayan, who wrote the screenplay.

Hansika plays a dual role in 'Gandhari' | Tamil Movie News - Times of India

Pradeepa, a costume designer, interacted with members of the community, some of whom had settled close to Yercaud, to better understand their way of life and attire.She looked for costumes and accessories based on picture references.

He says that it would take Hansika five hours to achieve the appearance. The makeup alone took five hours since we had to make her appear as though she lived in a wilderness.The makeup was taken off three more hours later. Because of this, we were unable to film anything else on the days we shot the flashback scenes. We shot for 35 days, but we only spent 20 of those days on the period pieces, the director claims, adding that “Gandhari is also another name for Amman and a significant figure in the Mahabharata. The script also addresses these aspects.

Shirish also plays the lead in the movie. For Hansika and Shirish, Stunt Silva choreographed some fascinating action blocks.We will start shooting again in January, and the movie should be finished soon,” he concludes.








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