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GUMCHAK launches Brand New Video Studio
To add magic to content from Entertainment to Education, to the Corporate world.

Chennai January 2021 — Today at the glittering launch event, Gumchak announced the immediate availability of its video content professionalization and distribution services. Gumchak is a one-stop technology platform for producing and distributing quality video content across verticals such as Entertainment, Education, and Corporate messaging






Spotted among the crowd of creative and celebrity guests were ___, who were delighted to witness the magic of the studio. “We created Gumchak with the mission of unlocking the creativity hidden in every room of every household, in a simple and affordable way,” says Gopi Krishnan, Head of Gumchak Pvt Ltd.

Gumchak Gumchak








If an aspiring talent were to step into one of Gumchak’s state-of-the-art studios, they will find a team of professionals, with extensive experience in Media Industry, ready to work their magic on content and subsequently support them in becoming famous. “Walk-in; walkout video feed. It is as simple as that.”, says Gopi. If an individual or client cannot make their way to the studio, Gumchak’s Cloud offering will enable them to ship their content over the Internet for Gumchak to add its magic and send it back.

Gumchak is here to challenge the status quo on how talent and content can be used to create an identity for an individual or an institution.


Gumchak Gumchak










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