Gujarati Owaisi: “The PM has pledged two billion jobs. It has been eight years.”

Gujarati Owaisi: “The PM has pledged two billion jobs. It has been eight years.”

Asaduddin Owaisi, the leader of the All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), used a joke to criticise Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the high unemployment rate in the nation at Danilimda, Gujarat. He claimed to have encountered a young man at a hotel who used humour to describe his predicament.

“When will you get a job with the government, the girl I want to marry me questioned. Usne mujhse aa kar kaha ki main jis ladki se shaadi karna chahta hun “Papa ladka dhund rahe hain, aapki sarkari naukri kab lagegi. According to Mr. Owaisi, the man reportedly told him in a rally on Tuesday that “My father is on the hunt for a groom).”

Mr. Owaisi said quoting the man, “Modi sarkar par bharosa mat karo, tum shadi kar lo” (Do not trust the Modi government, you get married), in an apparent dig at PM Modi for the dearth of public employment in the nation.

slamming into the “In comparison to the jobs promised by the BJP durin

PM Had Promised 2 Crore Jobs. It's Been 8 Years": A Owaisi In Gujarat

g its campaign for the 2014 General Elections, which was “reduced,” the AIMIM leader stated, “PM Modi had pledged to give 2 crore employment in 2014. After eight years, he now claims that 10 lakh employment will be provided until 2024. Up until today, 16 crore employment ought to have been created. He has now scaled it back to 10 lakh jobs.”

In the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections, AIMIM is running 14 candidates for the 14 seats up for grabs.

In an effort to win over some voters, the party has been criticising the government for both its handling of the unemployment crisis and the recent Morbi bridge collapse disaster, It caused more than 130 people to pass away.

In an effort to hold the ruling party accountable for the Morbi bridge accident, Mr. Owaisi slammed the BJP on Monday.

Speaking to a crowd in Ahmedabad, Mr. Owaisi remarked, “If the BJP claims credit for creating Gujarat, they ought to reveal who built the Morbi Bridge, which collapsed and killed 140 people. Even still, the wealthy employees of the corporation escape detection. Why do you love wealthy people, PM Modi?”

The Morbi event occurred weeks before the state’s polls were announced earlier this month, sparking fears that the ruling BJP in the state may suffer a political loss.

“Modi-Modi” chanting and black flags were present as Mr. Owaisi went out to campaign for his party’s East Surat candidate in the upcoming Gujarat assembly elections.

The young people could be seen protesting against the city’s AIMIM chairman by waving black flags in social media footage that went viral. However, Mr. Owaisi disregarded the protest and used the gathering to urge attendees to back his party in the next assembly elections.

On December 1 and 5, there will be two rounds of voting to select the State Assembly’s 182 members. How the votes are counted will be decided on December 8.

The BJP is seeking a seventh term in office after more than 27 years as the dominant party in Gujarat.






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