Green Trends Goes “Pink”

The New decades have brought with them innumerable technological advancements in
the field of Medicine. However, we are still on the buffering stage when it comes to
finding cures for certain diseases, specially Cancer. It is sadder to note that not many
people have indepth knowledge and awareness on the disease, thereby suffer in
oblivion. Green Trends, as a part of their inclination to give back to the society,
launched “Shair” hair donation drive, on World Cancer Day Feb 4 th 2020, to make wigs
for cancer survivors and to spread cancer awareness in the society. This is a first-of-its-
kind month long donation drive brought live by the acclaimed cosmetics company

The Shair campaign comprises two phases. The first phase isintended to be a nation
wide hair donation campaign effective across all the 375+ Green Trends outlets from
Feb 4 th wherein the public can walk in and donate their hair free of cost. This eventually
snowballs into the second phase that would be held on March 1 st 2020. Commemorated
as the Shair campaign, it invites the general public to abstain from haircuts for atleast a
month inorder to donate their hair during the time of the event. A minimum length of 10
inches is required to make the donation

Commenting about the launch, Mr.Gopalakrishnan, Business Head – Salon
Division, CavinKare said, “Our aim is to make sure not one cancer patient fights alone
and the launch of green trends’ Shair is a small gesture in the big fight against cancer
and it’s our way of trying to make things just a little better for them.It is the perfect place
to donate your hair as it provides a platform for people to have an easy, transparent and
responsible way to make a difference.”

Mr. Deepak Praveen, COO of green trends Unisex Hair & Style Salon said, “We are
truly excited to conduct the inaugural edition of green trends Shair across the country.
Hair loss during cancer treatment is the most physical apparent sign of cancer. Although
temporary, it makes cancer an integral part of their identity, hence affecting them
emotionally and wigs help to make them feel like themselves. Wigs made of synthetic
hair can be unpleasant to wear for long and can cause irritation and boils on the scalp,
wigs made from human hair is comfortable to wear. These natural hair wigs are very
expensive and the needy cannot afford them. With the green trends Shairprogram we
aim to provide wigs free of cost to the needy. As part of the green trends Shair program
we have created a unique ‘Shaircut’ developed by the green trends’ R&D team that
ensures the donors current hairstyle does not get affected and looks exactly the same
as before they donated. I am confident that this initiative will make a significant
difference in the society."

The launch kickstarted with the first donor donating 10 inches of hair, with almost no
change in their look after the “shaircut”. In addition to the above, Green trends has also
launched a pink-clip-hair-extension concept symbolizing hair donation and hope. They
will be handed over to the donors along with a certificate of appreciation. It was
heartwarming to see the first donor flaunt their striking pink hair strand post donation.



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