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Grazia India’s October cover-girl, Diana Penty, opens up!

Diana Penty,
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Grazia India’s October cover-girl, Diana Penty, opens up about the importance of slowing down

Bollywood star Diana Penty graces the cover of Grazia India’s October issue where she opens up about the need to slow down, now and again. The Cocktail actor says that in the beginning, it[the lockdown] seemed like the staycation none of us expected, but most of us thoroughly enjoyed. She adds, “Some days I tried staying productive from my bed. It was great. My days slowly drifted, leisurely, amidst hearing birds chirp in the morning, evening calls, and lots of reruns of a few of my favorite shows. This paced, day-to-day-ing was a treat and a delight.”


Diana Penty


While the lockdown did give us several months to introspect, Penty believes that deliberate living requires a long-term change of lifestyle and habits. “At some point, the coronavirus will pass, or at least recede into the haze of other viruses and ailments. There will be (and already is) enormous suffering and loss of life, coupled with economic devastation. That tragedy cannot be overstated. We will be trying to build a broken world. But perhaps the slower lifestyle in these months can help put the pieces back together,” she says. And perhaps a more contemplative, deliberate way of living can become permanent.

Read the Grazia India October magazine for the full story.  The magazine is now available for readers on the newsstand in select cities or clicks here for the e-magazine

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