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While driving back from my office after 2nd day of lockdown I noticed some dogs outside our office lane, they were being given some bread and biscuits by some local residents. Then I thought what about the places where there is no one feeding these stray animals, the ones dependant on the local eateries and tea shops, which are now closed. As if not meant to be a part of our lives the strays, were dogs that once had a home and were abandoned by those they trusted most.

Almost if that wasn’t the worst, once again in these times of fighting corona, we have all gone into our homes safely.What about these abandoned animals, left abandoned again? Every time we hit a dead end or an absolute desolation of humanity by humans, there are some few brave, courageous people, who have homes and families. Yet they make it their life’s mission to help these voiceless friendly, loving creatures.

stray dogs

I happened to bump into this wonderful place full of dogs, cats, cows, calves, camels, horses, etc, called Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary. It’s ironic how these joyous creatures that bring smiles on any and every face had me all teary eyed in just 5 minutes of having entered the place.

As soon as you enter the main gate you see the dispensary and right there in front are all the critically cared for rescued animals. Each rescued story more heart wrenching than the next. To even look at each animal there, critical thanks to someone’s mischief, or mistake, as to whether they are closer to death or life, or holding onto only the next breath they breathe.

dogs care

Today was my 11th day going there with rice and eggs cooked together, entered the place with a smile, as so many dogs came running to me wagging their tails. Got down from my car to see the worst, a table in the front yard with a sack covering the dog. Just stopped for a second, took a deep breath, said a prayer in my mind, and went closer to see the beautiful creature in eternal rest. She was rescued and brought there for mammary gland tumour surgery, after which she didn’t last the night. There seemed to be a mourning silence among the noisy howling front yard dogs, as if order brought amongst “animals”. Just thinking who really were the animals here.

Today I told the volunteers to take me to see all the animals, as it’s a huge place spread over a lot of acres of land, the volunteers told me that we will try and see as many as possible, and we headed past the critically cared animals into the orchards, passing which were the shelters of the larger animals. The tales would only get more and more ghastly, the abuse only got worse and with every story the humanity I knew in mankind got more and more weak!

A mother cow refusing to feed her new born and in too much anger, or monkeys that got stuck to electric poles and now have plates in their legs. Abuse of derby horses in a place they thought home only to be here among those with similar abandoned adulthoods, cause people still enjoy and are amused by animal childhood where they are young and healthy and jumpy, but they don’t want to care for them in their disease or old age or even just after their prime.

Coming back to the front yard as the volunteer said he has to finish lots of work, I came back thinking what have we done with nature. The two heroes spearheading all the great work here are Mr.Shravan and Ms.Radhika, who according to me are superheroes just because of their super powers(Love, positivity, perseverance). I would spend hardly 2 to 5 minutes with them as they are always on the move, constantly caring, running, providing, fighting for these creations of god.

I happened to see some animals who would lie almost lifeless, and the volunteers would lift them pull them out of their critical care enclosure, clean and disinfect the place, take them into the dispensary where the medical volunteers provide all the best medical help possible and they are brought back to their enclosure. These animals don’t even have energy to lift their heads up, not while the exposed flesh is cleaned, or mange removed, or even given an injection. You can hear a faint whine almost as if to let them know that they were alive.

I had tears in my eyes and asked Ms.Radhika isn’t it better to have these particular animals euthanized seeing the pain and agony that they were in, She looked at me, took down her face mask, and smiled and said we have to give them a fighting chance. We know it’s tough, it’s a struggle, some don’t make it through to the next day, but for those that do, we are standing and fighting for them beside them. These are the kind of people that motivate and inspire by just doing their daily chores. They teach us to respect, appreciate, keep calm and keep moving.