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Music Academy Jugalbandhi Ravi Kiran & Sangita Sankar in Chennai

This is a grand jugalbandhi to celebrate Dr M Chandrasekaran s 80th birth anniversary. We expect lot of vidwans and Rasikas to attend the programme and the concert. We need all your support to start the concert on time ie 0700 pm to 0930pm. Hence request all of you to be seated by 0655pm. Request not to garland or bring shawl etc after 0630 pm. We must enjoy the beautiful and melodious concert first time ever

Those who are interested to participate in the Felicitation function you are invited as early as 0400 pm and enjoy the function. Details will be published in this page soon.

Start Date 08 July 2018 End Date 08 July  2018
Start Time 4 PM Close Time 8.00 PM


Address Chennai,