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A Madras Rock Musical in Chennai

Baemaani (a dishonest person), the debut Tamizh concept album of Chennai based Madras Rock Ensemble, Amrit Rao and The Madrascals is also a social commentary, that asks questions to the society. Striking a balance between a dark tone and satire through strong lyrical content, this socially relevant and inclusive album will make one think of the state of affairs in Tamil Nadu and the country. Baemaani is more than an album.

It’s an extravaganza of a live show that will bring together Music (Amrit Rao and The Madrascals), Theatre (Crea-Shakthi) and Dance (Preethi Bharadwaj and team) with a healthy dose of mixed media (Ashwath Nair) to raise awareness about the various issues that plague our society. Contemporary Dance and a mix of theru-koothu and mime are woven with heavy and intense Tamil Music that pans across a multitude of genres predominantly rock. While the performance addresses and reflects on several issues that are also captured in the album, the musical satire aims to have audiences reach into the depths and question the status quo and always seek to have an identity of improving self-dignity and worth rather than being puppets in the hands of vested interests.

Start Date 01 Aug 2018End Date01 Aug 2018
Start Time7.30 PMClose Time9.00 PM