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Forum Art Gallery Presents ‘Reflections’

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A painting exhibition titled Reflections is set to open at Forum mall on 14th March. The series of painting by A.V Ilango is based on his life and experiences in the last five to six years. Ilango stated that they are a reflection of his preferences and some of them is based on a personal journey, exploration in space, line, form and time in their related sensibilities.

A.V Ilango, born in 1950’s started capturing childhood memories of festivals, harvest and fairs with folk dancers and music in Gobichettipalayam which were captured in his canvas initially. His work also draws inspiration from the architectural marvel of Madurai temples, folk dances like Karagam, Oyilattam and Kavadi in his dance series titled Utsav.

He has organized several solo shows across the world and in India such as ‘Introspection’ at Tamarind Art Council, New York, ‘Under the Spell’ at National Theater, Kuala Lumpur to name a few.

The exhibition is open from 14th March to 18th April from 11.20 am onwards.