For those who are “complaining” about her black-and-white posts, Shruti Haasan shares a video.

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For those who are “complaining” about her black-and-white posts, Shruti Haasan shares a video.

Throwback images and videos have been given to Shruti Haasan’s Instagram followers.

Shruti Haasan Shares A Video For Those 'Complaining' About Her Black And White Posts

For individuals who were “complaining” about her black-and-white posts, the actress removed the post. Yes, the video has a lot of her 2022 monochromatic images and videos.

A video from her New Year’s celebrations with her lover, Santanu Hazarika, is also included in the clip. She stated in the caption, “This is only 20% of a BLACK reel that runs from January to January. Therefore, those who have complained about my posts in black and white should know that there is always more to come “followed by a heart in black.

Shruti Haasan uploaded photos from her and her boyfriend Santanu Hazarika’s New Year’s Eve celebrations on the first day of the new year. The actress is stunning in the photo wearing a grey blouse with a black leather skirt and sneakers.

The actress tweeted this to her Instagram family, “Happy New Year, sweet souls! May this year be filled with all the enchantment you need and desire! I’m sending love your way for 2023.”

The 2022 chapter was concluded by a video from Shruti Haasan, with the following caption: “Because I have SO MANY beautiful memories from this year filled with wonderful people and all the incredible places I travelled to, making this reel was total chaos. So I made the simple decision. Have a fantastic 2023.”






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