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Five Ways to Stay Productive During Quarantine

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Staying at home during quarantine can be a tough task which can lead to laziness or lack in productivity. Here is how we can stay productive at home while the COVID-19 pandemic situation gets better soon.

Learn a New Language
Apps like Babel allow you to learn new languages using your smartphone. Babel is giving 50% off on subscriptions and the training is split into 10-15 minute sessions.

Brush Up on Your Reading Skills
Junk the smartphone and PC, and pick up a book of your choice. From personal development to fantasy, the selection is huge. Before You Quit Your Job – Robert Kiyosaki and The Leader in You – Dale Carnegie some recommendations.

Plan, Develop & Achieve
You have plenty of time to start or plan what you always wanted to do. A hobby that you wanted to stream on YouTube, a journal to express gratitude or even start a company? This is the best time to channel your energy towards your goals.

A Dose of Knowledge
While there are thousands of series and movies to binge on, it is also the best time to watch some documentaries to learn about day-to-day life. The Great Hack, Our Planet, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat are some of our recommendations.

Keep Moving
Staying or Working at home means you end up staying idle for longer amounts of time. From simple bodyweight exercises to push ups and burpees to a quick jog, simple exercises mean you stay fit during this period.