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Five Rafale jets are expected to be inducted into the Indian Air Force Today..

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The first set of five rafales are destined to reach India from France on wednesday afternoon. After covering a distance of over 3000 kms, the Rafale jets will reach the Air Force Station at Ambala, Haryana.

The ordination ceremony will be held in August. The ceremony is expected to be attended by the Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh along with Top Military Brass of the Country.

   The arrival of Rafale jets have caused the authorities to restrict people from flying private drones within 3km radius of the Airbase. Section 144 is implemented in the neighbouring villages like Dhulkot, Garnala, Baldev Nagar, and Panjkhora. Shooting video or photographs near the Ambala Air base is also banned. Residential people near the Air base are warned not to click pictures or take videos of the jet from their rooftops. People offending the rule will face punishment under the law. 

These Rafale jets are expected to boost the Indian Air Force’s combat capabilities. The first Rafale jet was handed to India in October of last year. The first fleet will be commissioned at Ambala base, as this base is considered to be located critically at around 220km distance from Indo-Pak border. The next fleet will be commissioned at Hasimara Base, West Bengal.