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Five films of Director Shankar to revisit your memories!

shankar director
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Shankar is arguably the most sought after filmmaker in Tamil cinema, with many awards in his kitty, including the Tamil Nadu State Film Award and being appointed the highest-paid director in India. He is renowned for cranking out one spectacular blockbuster after another. Director Shankar has won the honor of being one of the filmmakers with the most popularity.

Director Shankar

The Gentlemen (1993)

This action drama marked the debut of director Shankar. And what a debut! The story is based on the rich vs. poor divide, revolving around the lead who becomes a modern-day Robin Hood and provides the poor with financial and educational assistance. The death of Ramesh (Vineeth) and his mother is going to leave you feeling confused.


Director Shankar Gentleman

Jeans (1998)

Jeans became a big success among the public with excellent effects, amazing performances, and fantastic music. It was mostly because the viewer was able to watch the Hollywood-like VFX in a Tamil movie for the first time.


Director Shankar jeans

Mudhalvan (1999)

Mudhalvan was one of Shankar’s best films, questioning the fate of politics and the Tamil government. This fascinating political thriller brought to light the plight of the common man, with the late Sujatha’s dialogues serving as a powerful backbone. For the government, it was also a sharp reminder. The haunting background score by A.R.Rahman truly elevated this film. 



Indian (1996)

Starring the universal hero Kamal Haasan in a dual role, the Indian stressed the bureaucracy’s rampant corruption. India nominated this action drama as its entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 1996 Academy Awards. It also went on to win three National Awards, including Kamal Haasan’s Best Actor Award. If you’re planning on watching this movie on DVD, then don’t forget to watch it.


Director Shankar indian

Anniyan (2005)

Certain medical problems in his films have always been brought to the forefront by Shankar. And he highlighted the rare condition, Multiple Personality Disorder, in this one. In 3 different avatars, this psychological-thriller featured Vikram. 120 cameras were used to film the strong karate action sequence. We were captivated by the frozen-in-time phenomenon when we used the visual effect known as bullet-time.

Director Shankar anniyan



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