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Fresh and best fish markets in Chennai

1. Chintradipet Fish Market – Fishes are to be bought, sand crusted, fresh off the nets under the blazing sun against the backdrop of the magnificent Marina beach. Buying fish at the fish market is really an experience in itself. It's not for the fair-and-lovely brigade – be ready to get super tanned. It's not for the faint-hearted and sensitive nosed. Chintradipet fish market is a very famous and huge market for both freshwater and sea salt fish.



2. Kottivakkam Fish Market – You get an excellent variety of fresh sea fish in this market. You’ve got to be good at bargaining and knowledgeable about the fish rates to buy here. This Fishing Market is usually abuzz from 4 AM with frenetic activity. This is one of the best markets in Chennai. Where you can buy afresh caught fishes at a bargained price.


fish market


3.Corporation Fish Market Nadukuppam – It has been recently built by Chennai Corporation as the old thatched shed was damaged by Fire. The market is covered, and there are more vendors now. There are plenty of varieties of seasonal fish. But selecting the best fish is always challenging, especially with expensive fishes like Kingfish, Pomfret, etc. So, you must be very careful. Parking is not an issue in this place as there is abundant open
place around the market.




4. Elliot’s Beach Fish Market – The best place to buy fishes for people living down south of Chennai. The best time to buy would be during weekends around 10 to 11 when you can expect a new catch of fishes from the deep. Fresh fishes are available. You can find out varieties of seafood, and the price is quite moderate. People visit this place regularly. You can club your morning walk along the beach with you buying fish afterward before heading

lliot’s Beach Fish Market


5.Snapper – Fresh Fish Chennai – If you are looking for top-quality seafood, Snapper's is your place. Their delivery is very prompt and fast. It is one of the best fish delivery services in Chennai. They bring in the best seafood to your doorstep.





6.Supreme Seafood –It is a pioneer in-home delivery of fresh seafood in India. The company is professionally run by a bunch of brothers, in-laws, and nephews, literally by a family who are passionate about providing home delivery of premium quality fresh seafood. The quality of the fish is the best you can find. It is so fresh, it doesn't even smell. The fish is cleaned very well, cut according to request, and delivered without being frozen.


Supreme Seafood



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