First Death For Two Male African Cheetahs

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First Death For Two Male African Cheetahs

Within 24 hours of being released into a larger enclosure, two of the eight African cheetahs that were brought in from Namibia and released in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park in mid-September made their first kill, according to news agency PTI.

According to officials speaking to PTI, the cheetahs hunted down a cheetal (spotted deer) either on Sunday night or in the early hours of Monday. After their translocation, this was their first catch.

After being isolated since September 17, the cheetahs Freddie and Elton became the first couple to be allowed into the bigger cage on November 5.

2 Of Eight Cheetahs Moved Into Larger Enclosure At Kuno National Park

On November 5, they were transferred from quarantine areas to an acclimatisation cage, and eventually, they will be released into the wild.

The PM had stated the cheetahs were in good health, were active, and were adjusting well yesterday.

“good news Two cheetahs have reportedly been released into a larger enclosure after the required quarantine in order to further acclimate to the Kuno habitat. Others will soon be made available. The fact that all cheetahs are healthy, active, and adjusting well makes me happy as well “A brief video of the two wild cats was included in a tweet by PM Modi.

According to international regulations, wild animals must spend a month in quarantine before and after being relocated to another country in order to prevent the transmission of any infections, according to specialists.

According to a member of the Center’s task group on large cats, the cheetahs are currently kept in six enclosures and fed buffalo meat.

On September 17, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over the reintroduction of wild cats into Kuno National Park as part of the ambitious “Project Cheetah,” signifying the return of the big cats to India seven decades after their local extinction.







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