Fans praise Vidya Balan for handling her saree incident “like a pro” after it was seen on the red carpet. Watch

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Fans praise Vidya Balan for handling her saree incident “like a pro” after it was seen on the red carpet. Watch

The cocktail celebration for Guneet Monga and Sunny Kapoor, who wed on Monday, was attended by actress Vidya Balan. Vidya showed up for the event with her husband, the producer Siddharth Roy Kapur. She may be seen in an online video handling her saree like an expert after it was caught on the red carpet.

Vidya Balan's saree gets caught at event, reminds fans of Dirty Picture  scene | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Vidya can be seen in the video greeting a man as she moves in front of Siddharth. To pose for photographers, they were moving toward the red carpet. The actor’s pallu briefly became caught to something, but she quickly fixed it and quickly turned around for the cameras.

Vidya attended the event with a black and red floral saree and blouse. Siddharth, her husband, chose an all-black outfit.

Fans of Vidya’s smash hit movie Dirty Picture were brought back by her saree moment. Vidya portrayed Silk Smitha, a character in the movie who was renowned for her striking appearance. A viewer’s response to the video was “Dirty image movie.” Another person chimed in with, “Thank God Ganaa nahi play hua….. Giraa ke aapna paalu (Thank God they didn’t play the Dirty Picture song)”. She was also referred to be a “bindaas actor” for handling the circumstance properly.

Along with Vidya, numerous other celebs also showed up for the celebration. Actresses Sonali Bendre and Neha Dhupia, director Karan Johar, Vishal Bhardwaj, Ekta Kapoor, and others attended the celebration in Mumbai.

In a private ceremony in Mumbai in 2012, Vidya Balan wed Siddharth. Karan Johar has disclosed how he served as the couple’s cupid. Karan responded when Twinkle Khanna referred to her as the Sima Taparia of Bollywood.

“You are the Sima aunty of the movie business,” Twinkle said to Karan Johar. You continue to arrange marriages, just like your father did. Waheeda Rahman mentioned in our talk that your father played a role in arranging her marriage and that this propensity for bringing people together may run in the family.

Karan agreed with her and recalled how he had met Vidya Balan and Siddharth. “I assume the obligation as though I must. Simply told, I feel incredibly happy doing it. It resembles one of my life’s goals. The other day, Vidya (Balan) called me. I had introduced her to Siddharth Roy Kapoor on her 12th anniversary. More than any film-related feedback, this call truly moved me, he said. The last time we saw Vidya was at Jalsa with Shefali Shah.







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