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Facebook new feature allow users to go live in messenger Rooms

FB messenger rooms
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Facebook has updated a feature video conferencing tool for Messenger Rooms, this will allow up to 50 users to take part in live discussion. This will help Facebook to retain customership than to switching on to other apps like that of zoom, skype, Google meet and such similar apps.

Facebook rooms can go live from facebook or messenger and can be connected to a person who doesn’t have facebook account; they can listen to the discussion and letting user for large video meetings. These feature help people in discussion, live interviews and online classes. They’ll also be able to add or remove participants in a video chat. Those who are currently in a video chat will have to agree to go live before the broadcast.

Regarding this new update Facebook said in a statement “By bringing Messenger Rooms and Facebook Live together, we’re unlocking new ways for people to connect and create content even while they’re apart.” Zoom saw a surge in malicious behaviour as it became the world’s default meeting app. Facebook Messenger Rooms comes with end-to-end encrypted offering extra layer protection for users.  Let’s wait and watch who will get more users to their application base.