Exclusive: Nargis Fakhri Feels “Annoyed Thinking Why Do People Care About Who I Date”

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Exclusive: Nargis Fakhri Feels “Annoyed Thinking Why Do People Care About Who I Date”

Actress Nargis Fakhri is renowned for keeping her love life out of the spotlight. She choose not to address the rumours that she dated actor Uday Chopra at the start of her acting career. She only recently admitted that they had been dating for about five years. Over the years, rumours have also circulated that she was dating American actors Matt Alonzo and Justin Santos, a chef. And now, according to rumours, Nargis is dating an entrepreneur named Tony Beig who was born in Kashmir, but the star, once again, stays mum on the subject.

She says in an exclusive interview with News18 that the reason she doesn’t talk about her personal life publicly is because, more often than not, it receives more attention than her professional life. The Rockstar (2011) actor says, “I don’t see a problem if people question me about my personal life because I’m honest and true. But the problem is that they emphasise that rather than important things like labour. I don’t feel embarrassed or shy when I discuss my personal life. To be honest though, I prefer to draw attention to my work.

Nargis wants to keep some aspects of her private life private in this day and age where social media and the paparazzi culture have enhanced public access to an actor’s private life. Some people choose to remain silent about their love lives, and that is perfectly acceptable; we must respect their right to privacy. This company is quite odd. Everyone is fully knowledgeable. What’s left for me, then? “I need something that is just for me,” she says.

Nargis Fakhri Says She Feels 'Annoyed Thinking Why Do People Care About Who  I Date?' | Exclusive

She responds, “Even the phone knows what we think because they log our keystrokes,” when asked if she finds this interest about the man she is dating annoying. Social media is aware of our typical viewing habits. The idea of privacy has been corrupted by the internet. We feel nearly completely exposed. Sometimes I find it frustrating to wonder why people are interested in who I date. But I make an effort to be polite.

However, the 43-year-old makes jokes about setting up a separate forum where she intends to just discuss love. “I should probably record a podcast about my relationships and offer dating advise if people are interested in learning about them. Many of my friends have advised me to do this,” she chuckles.

The actor, who is renowned for her candour and recently appeared in a music video for the song Fayaah Fayaah with singer Guru Randhawa, also says that she once saw a relationship therapist, which she describes as “quite interesting.” She responds, “I don’t know how I feel about them,” when prodded more. In the end, it failed. Experience teaches us whether we are entering the correct or wrong endeavour. We may be aware of it in relationships as well, but occasionally we choose to dismiss it.

She has only learned to prioritise herself, and she thinks that’s the most important lesson if she wants a relationship with someone else to succeed. “The goal is to discover yourself. You won’t make poor decisions in terms of friendships or relationships if you love yourself, have boundaries, morals, and principles. Even family members can be poisonous, and we occasionally need to keep our distance. The actor, who will soon be seen in the movie Shiv Shastri Balboa, asserts that you should keep your distance from any relationship if it isn’t good for your mental health.








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