Earlier, North People Made Fun Of South Cinema: Star Yash of KGF

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Earlier, North People Made Fun Of South Cinema: Star Yash of KGF

According to “KGF” star Yash, who thinks the size of his film franchise’s success came as a major surprise to everyone in the nation, people have started to take notice of South films. In the 2018 Kannada action movie “KGF: Chapter One,” directed by Prashanth Neel, Yash played Rocky, a high-ranking assassin in Mumbai who ascends to the throne of Kolar Gold Fields.

In April, he launched “KGF: Chapter 2,” which had a good opening weekend at the box office when it was released nationally in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam. It ended up being one of the year’s highest-grossing movies.

On Saturday night, Yash stated in a session at the India Today conference that people used to make fun of southern films in the past, particularly due to poor dubbing.

Ten years ago, dubbed movies became very popular in this country (North).South films used to be mocked. They would make fun of the action scenes, but ultimately they were enamoured.

“At first, our movies were offered for cheap. People would accept subpar dubbing and give the movies arbitrary names. Then, they began to watch our dubbed movies,” the actor remarked.

However, he said, things have improved, and SS Rajamouli and his hugely successful “Baahubali” franchise are to blame.

Yash says South cinema was presented badly and made fun of in the North  earlier - Hindustan Times

“If you need to shatter a rock, you have to work continuously. “Baahubali” provided the impetus. “KGF” was created with a distinct goal in mind. We performed “KGF” not to frighten but to uplift.

“Southern films are now receiving more attention. When we first came here to market, we had a different budget. “Right now, with the digital revolution, we have the potential to display it to the world,” said Yash, whose real name is Naveen Kumar Gowda.

The 36-year-old actor admitted he has been looking forward to South Korea’ national triumph for a very long time.

If it doesn’t sound egotistical, I did want this to happen. I saw it in my mind and wanted it to occur. 5–6 years ago, I was experiencing this day and this success. It doesn’t effect me right now. Right now, I’m kind of planning forward. Many individuals were startled by the success’s scope, “Added he.

The actor also celebrated the achievement of Rishab Shetty’s “Kantara,” a Kannada film that debuted in theatres in October.

Yash thinks that people are now turning to Kannada movies for high-quality entertainment.

“From the viewpoint of my sector, that mentality shift was required. It takes a lot of work to dispel the common misconceptions that people have about your industry. Many claim that because our industry is small, we cannot afford such a large budget.

“I disagreed with that. I therefore intended to alter that. People are currently idolising the Kannada industry. The first actions were crucial. My main goal was to portray the Kannada film industry as another significant sector that can produce high-caliber films. I think viewers are objective. They will applaud a movie if they enjoy it.” When asked about the “KGF” franchise’s upcoming film, the actor responded that a third chapter is planned, but not any time soon.

“However, it won’t be implemented anytime soon. I want to carry out other things. I have been performing “KGF” for six to seven years. So let’s have a look. If all goes as planned, we’ll perform “KGF 3” later “said Yash.








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