During the filming of Djinn, Siddharth Bharath shares interesting tales he overheard from locals.

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During the filming of Djinn, Siddharth Bharath shares interesting tales he overheard from locals.

Following the release of the sensual thriller Chathuram, Mollywood filmmaker Sidharth Bharathan is preparing for the release of Djinn on December 30. In order to publicise the fantasy drama’s release date on Instagram, the filmmaker published a brand-new poster earlier this month. “Finally! Coming to theatres near you on December 30, 2022, in every country. Let’s act respectably,” he wrote in the description of his post.

Siddharth Bharath Shares Interesting Stories He Heard From Locals During  Djinn's Shoot

Siddharth Bharath revealed some fascinating tales he heard from locals while filming at a recent film promotion event. At the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, according to Siddharth, he contemplated the proposal and went for reiki at the designated place. He also disclosed that several individuals urged him to abandon the film’s concept. Later, Siddharth himself suffered injuries while filming due to a small mishap.

“We got a hard disc to store sequences and it broke down on the day of purchase,” he said during the event. The locals were so terrified that they shared their troubles with us. Before they boarded the jet to depart after completing up filming, the cast was donning Djinn t-shirts. According to Sidharth, a fellow traveller asked them if they wanted to wear them before boarding the plane, suggesting that anything could go wrong.

Djinn’s music was created by Prashant Pillai, and Rajesh Gopinadhan wrote the film’s script. Soubin Shahir, Shine Tom Chacko, Meera Jasmine, Sharaf U Dheen, Leona Lishoy, and KPAC Lalitha, among others, play significant roles in the ensemble film Djinn. This fantasy play was financed by Straightline Cinemas. According to sources, Djinn relates the tale of a woman who, while on a tour, sees a supernatural creature and has a horrific experience when a man named Djinn suddenly appears.






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