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Where Dresses and diamonds come together-Fine Timeless Jewellery by Archana Aggarwal & Pret Couture by designer Raj Shroff’s label – Ravage

exquisite exhibition
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“The best adornment for a woman is her smile” goes a saying. Smiles that are adorned the best shine the brightest. This is the motto behind the exhibition of Timeless Jewellery by Archana Agarwal and Pret Couture by designer Ravage,


exquisite exhibition





A Raj Shroff label. Presented by Pooja Malhotra and Esha Nichani on the 1 st and 2nd of February at
Crowne Plaza, the event was inaugurated by Sujata Vijay, Manisha Chordia, Vandana Aggarwal and Diya Mehra.

It would be sufficient to say that the collection captured the hearts of the fashion aficionados who buzzed about and browsed through the collections with bubbling enthusiasm.