‘Doctor’ movie review: An entertaining comedy-caper in which Sivakarthikeyan plays down his abilities.

‘Doctor’ movie review: An entertaining comedy-caper in which Sivakarthikeyan plays down his abilities.

Doctor, starring Sivakarthikeyan and Nelson Dileep Kumar, was released in theatres today, after a lengthy wait. This drama, which has a wonderful mix of humor and action, has received a lot of appreciation from audiences. The film, produced by Sivakarthikeyan himself, stars Priyanka Arul Mohan and has been released in Telugu and Tamil. Here’s the verdict.

Varun (Sivakarthikeyan) is a doctor in the military. He is madly in love with Padmini, his girlfriend (Priyanka). However, things do not go as planned, and they quickly become estranged from one another. Varun’s life changes dramatically after that. But he soon learns that Padmini’s younger sister has been stolen. Varun and Padmini are on a mission to find the kidnapper, and they discover that this is more than just a kidnapping and uncover a human and organ trafficking ring. The plot revolves around Varun’s ability to save the little girl and other girls while also regaining Padmini’s heart.



Let us now discuss the performances. Sivakarthikeyan, as always, has done credit to the part of a doctor who is quiet, composed, and attentive, with no reactions or emotions. He has done something that contradicts the roles he has previously performed. While he is known for playing parts with a tint of humor and a fair amount of levity, Varun is a serious figure. His demeanor in this film is not at all familiar. Priyanka Mohan provides a glamorous element to the film and is a part of the objective that they all share. Yogi Babu’s comedic timing in the film is outstanding. With his humor, he provides a lot of relaxation throughout the picture. Some of the film’s greatest sequences feature Yogi Babu and Redin Kinglsey.

Vinay Rai, best known for his work on Detective, appears to be a good choice for the role of a nasty guy. Though he doesn’t have much acting time here, he maintains a sombre demeanour throughout the film, which adds to the suspense. It would have been wonderful if Milind Soman and Raghu Ram had been given a lot more to accomplish. Anirudh’s music is adequate. He provides a decent background score, and the songs are sufficiently engaging. DOP Vijay Karthik Kannan has done an outstanding job.

Nelson has done an excellent job overall. Despite a few plot flaws here and there, the picture is mostly enjoyable.


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