Director Selvaraghavan’s Top 5 Kollywood Films!

Director Selvaraghavan's Top 5 Kollywood Films

Director Selvaraghavan’s Top 5 Kollywood Films!

Director Selvaraghavan is a film director from India who has directed mostly Tamil language films. He’s one of the most talented directors in Tamil cinema.

1 Pudhu Pettai (2006) 8.5 Rating

A teenage boy runs away after seeing his mother dead and is then recruited by a gangster. He makes serious enemies after being his employer’s right hand man, and everyone starts targeting him.

Pudhu Pettai
2. Kaadhal Konden (2003) 7.9

A teenage orphan is raised by a church priest who is an introvert but a genius at the same time. He is sent to college, where he turns out to be a social misfit. While most students are shunned by him, one girl begins to warm up to him.

kadhal kondan


3.7/G Rainbow Colony (2004) 7.8

Kadhir is a young underachiever who, by public outbursts, often vents his grievances. When Anitha, a northern Indian girl, comes to his neighbourhood, he falls in love with her head over heels, but she continues to resist his advances.

Rainbow Colony

4 Ayirathil Oruvan (2010)7.8

While on a research expedition, Chandramouli, a renowned archaeologist, goes missing. Anitha, a government official, and Lavanya, the daughter of Chandramouli, set off on an ambitious quest to locate him.


5. Mayakkam Enna (2011)7.6

Karthik and Yamini are unable to bear each other, but as opposites attract, there lies the twist.


Mayakkam Enna


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