Concerto for Orchestra by P. Unnikrishnan

Concerto for Orchestra by P. Unnikrishnan



Beginning on the auspicious month of Marghazi on 16.12.2022, Bharat Kalachar and Agraharam deliver a great spectacle for a duration of one month non-stop Art and Culture programme for the eager audiences.

The programme is created with Rasikaa’s preferences and fandoms in mind, making sure that every facet of art and culture is neatly and flawlessly covered.

Great and eminent individuals will perform the shows with the backing of their strongest teams.

Drama. Grand solo and group dance. Instrumental music. Light music. Classical music. The list goes on forever. The audiences will be thrilled by every programme, without a doubt!

The unusual chance to view everything in one place, we heartily invite all the eager audiences for total enjoyment of the beautifully organised programmes!

Last but not least, the programmes are set up so that participants can select their preferred session from three options: morning, afternoon, and evening.

Please join one and all to Bharat Kalachar, Tirumalaipillai Road, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017 to celebrate the Marghazi Mahotsav..

begins on 16.12.2022 and ends on 15.01.2023.


  • Venue

YGP Auditorium

26XR+HCF, Satyamurthy Nagar, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017, India


  • Date & Time

January 7 | 4PM


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