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Gourmet Innings from Taj Hotels-Chennai!

Cricket fever is about to get flavoursome this season as we bring a medley of dishes from our kitchen to your couch! Savour our signature delicacies

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புற்றுநோய் உட்பட பல நோய்களை தீர்க்கும் பூண்டு குழம்பு!/எப்படி செய்வது?

பூண்டு பிடிக்காதவர்களுக்கும் பூண்டு குழம்பு பிடிக்கும். இதனை அடிக்கடி சாப்பிட்டு வருவதால், உடல் நலத்தை ஆரோக்கியமாக வைத்திருக்க முடியும். பூண்டினை உணவில் சேர்த்துக் கொள்வதால் புற்றுநோயை தடுக்கிறது.மேலும் நோய் தடுப்பு மண்டலத்திற்கு உறு துணையாகிறது.

Food & Beverage

The fragrances and flavours of Onam are back!

Experience the taste of the most-authentic Kerala delicacies this Onam with the Taj Hotels in Chennai. Guests can order food with Qmin from the iconic restaurants

park hyatt chennai
Food & Beverage

Park Hyatt Chennai and Big Bandha Present “Habit”- an unorthodox Experiential Gastronomy

The Flying Elephant, at Park Hyatt Chennai, presents “Habit”, an northodox experiential gastronomy on 13th and 14th March. This 8-course dinner experience will be curated

Best-Kids play area
Chennai Hangouts, Education

Best Play Zones for Kids in Chennai

To play well with your child and help him benefit from the experience, you should pay heed to certain things like mutual interaction, teamwork, and

Best Chettinad Restaurant in chennai
Chennai Hangouts, Food & Beverage

Best Chettinad Food restaurants in Chennai

The Nattukotai Chettiars are the ones who ‘invented’ the Chettinad cuisine. They come from the Chettinad region of the state of Tamil Nadu and is

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Top 5 Activities In ECR Area

Chennai's East Coast Road is one among the foremost scenic routes within the city and has been a favorite for late-night long drives for many

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Special Dishes to enjoy during Holi, India’s Festival of Colors!

While Holi's all about colors, like every other festival in India, the celebrations are unsatisfactory without some mouthwatering food that will awaken your senses and

Celebration, Culture, Sweets

Special Buffets for Holi

It's time for the Rang Barse! Mexican, Asian, Indian and World Cuisine are now on offer to everyone who wants to celebrate Holi in style.

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Special Events at Chennai during Holi

A huge festival of colors-Holi in Chennai could be a big deal. It's an excessive amount of fun, to bounce, to loud Bollywood tunes and