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Body shaming did not spare even popular stars in Tamil Cinema…

Body shaming
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Body shaming did not spare even popular stars in Tamil Cinema…

Body shaming is always a problem anywhere and everywhere. Most of us would have experienced it at least once in our lifetime. The worst part is some of us don’t know how it affects others psychologically, which results in teasing our friends or family unintentionally. 

Body shaming

Body shaming

For those who don’t know, what body shaming means. Body shaming is criticizing/ bullying/ teasing a person for their different body feature(s) or body size. Fat shaming, skinny shaming, or any kind of teasing upon someone’s appearance is known as Body shaming. Even if someone does this to themselves, it is body shaming. 

Body shaming

You might be thinking about what happened in Kollywood? Which popular star was affected by body shaming? Who is not affected? Any interview an actor or actress appears the interviewee will start asking about their look. Especially if an actress just gave birth to a child and came back to the shape in which she was before pregnancy. “You look so beautiful now, You are back in shape! Bla Bla Bla” I respect the hard work for sure, but we must understand that any shape is good shape! 

And the sentence which I hate the most is “Do I look fat?” Looking fat doesn’t mean ugly, It’s ok to look fat or be skinny unless and until we are healthy and happy.

Rajini Kanth in sivaji movie

Rajini Kanth in sivaji movie


Let’s see what happened in Tamil Cinema.

Rajini Kanth, the superstar of Tamil cinema, struggled initially during his entry into Tamil cinema. His color made it difficult for him initially. Later, even after proving himself and being named Super Star, in the popular movie Sivaji, the actress would deny to marry him for he is dark and the cringe part is he would do all possible things to become fair. This is something, a superstar should not promote to his fans. 




vidyulekha raman

Actresses who have been criticized for their weight/shape are Kushboo, Vidyulekha, Ileana, Anushka, Mumtaz, Indraja Shankar, etc. The co-workers of Priyanka Deshpande, Grace Karunas, Priyanka RoboShankar, etc body-shame them very frequently. The sad part is the audience finds it funny and laughs at it. Kudos to Vidyulekha for her bold photoshoot. Let’s hope the coming generation won’t feel shy or criticize themselves for their body shape or any uniqueness in their body.

indraja robo shankar

Calling Indraja as “Gundamma” in the movie Bigil is highly non-acceptable. Yes, the director convinced the mob saying that he used the word to motivate and agitate her and the mob cooled down. To be honest, that is not a convincing statement. Calling someone fat is wrong in any way. 

Like this, there are many more movies that shames or criticizes anybody for their appearance. We might have to start realizing the difference between being funny and bully. 

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