Bilkis Bano asks the Supreme Court not to release 11 prisoners, and the CJI will investigate this.

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Bilkis Bano asks the Supreme Court not to release 11 prisoners, and the CJI will investigate this.

After Bilkis Bano’s attorney raised the issue in front of the CJI on Wednesday, CJI DY Chadhrachud stated he will check into the petition’s listing.

On Wednesday, Bilkis Bano petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn the release of the 11 prisoners who were freed on August 15 of this year. After her attorney brought up the issue before the CJI today, Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud stated he will look into the plea’s listing. The early release of the 11 defendants who were given life sentences in the 2002 gangrape case garnered widespread criticism, and multiple petitions were filed in the top court contesting the Gujarat government’s decision. Bilkis Bano’s attorney on Wednesday submitted a writ petition contesting the sentence’s commutation while the cases are being heard.

The 11 guys were found guilty of killing seven members of Bilkis Bano’s family in the 2002 riots and raping her in a group.

Bilkis Bano moves Supreme Court challenging release of convicts in 2002  gang-rape case - Bharat Times English News

The Gujarat administration claimed that the remission was given to them as a result of their “good behaviour” as the Supreme Court heard the earlier petitions filed in opposition to the remission.

The Gujarati government stated that the Centre has given its approval to the choice. However, it was disclosed in its affidavit that the CBI and the trial court’s presiding judge opposed the convicts’ release because of how serious and horrific their crime was.

The document further stated that one of the prisoners was arrested while on parole in 2020 for sexual harassment of a woman.

The subject became the centre of a political controversy prior to the Gujarat Assembly Election in 2022 after BJP MLA CK Raulji supported the Bilkis Bano rapists and said that some of the convicts were brahmins with good “sasnkaar.”

A court chaired by Justice Ajay Rastogi declared in May 2022 that Gujarat’s government has the authority to hear the request for remission. On Wednesday, attorney Shobha Gupta represented Bilkis Bano. She expressed scepticism that Justice Rastogi would be able to hear the case because he is now participating in a Constitution Bench hearing. “First, the review needs to be heard. Allow it to be heard by Justice Rastogi “CJI said that after investigating, he will determine whether to list the plea.






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