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Best Play Zones for Kids in Chennai

Best-Kids play area
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To play well with your child and help him benefit from the experience, you should pay heed to certain things like mutual interaction, teamwork, and intervening only when necessary. Your objective should be to make an enticing environment that also gives your child the space to explore and learn. And these play zones are just the thing your child needs.

1. Fun Ulagam – It is a beautifully decorated indoor play area for children. It is a safe and exciting place for children to play, jump, learn, and grow. It is a fun, healthy indoor recreation and active play center.

Fun-ulagam chennai

2. Giggle Bellies – This place lets your child experience the most exhilarating journey to develop the critical attributes in the math logic program like logic and concentration, analytical reasoning, problem-solving, and much more. The children will be in a clean, safe, and beautiful environment, where they will meet and interact with other children, and explore areas that will help them in developing social and language skills.

3. Pixie Play – Pixie Play is a Play School, Indoor & Outdoor Play Space, and Party Facility dedicated to children.

There’s a ball pool, soft play for babies and toddlers, and more educational toys to complement the usual selection of plastic bits and bobs, along with costumes for dress-up and a great play kitchen. Suitable for tiny ones as it’s quite peaceful.

Pixie Play- chennai

4.Euro Kids Play School – Teachers and caretakers are outstanding, and primarily they concentrate on academics and other social activities as well. To make the transition from home to school easier for your kids we’ve Buddy, your child’s Fun Partner.The kid shall develop a lot of good habits and learn discipline and social communications.

Euro Kids Play School

5. My Time Kids Zone – Good place for kids to play. It is economical and some exceptional play items for kids to have fun with. While play may seem like a frivolous activity, it is an essential medium for young children’s learning. And My Time Kids Zone ensures that the child is involved in various fun activities.

My Time Kids Zone chennai