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The best food hubs for the perfect midnight meal in Chennai.

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Remember those times when in the middle of the night hunger kicks in and mood swings for all types of food make us go nuts but then nothing is available?

It has happened, hasn’t it? And you have ended up spending the rest of the night by just thinking about food. Let’s be honest, we are too lazy to cook at midnight, but if we talk about satisfying your appetite in the middle of the night then Chennai is the exact place you should be in.

Chennai is known for its own food culture. Whether it’s a snack, the best delicious street food or the most authentic traditional dishes and every single cuisine. Chennai gives the flavour you will never forget, especially in Chennai people love to go out and enjoy their meals in the middle of the night. So don’t be surprised if you see a huge crowd in the city at midnight.

Where do you get it?

Chennai is the only place where time and weather doesn’t matter and you will see foodies all over the places.

So I give you one of the best options to satisfy your hungry desire.


Location: T.Nagar
Service: Dining, Home Delivery, Take-away
Timings: 11 am-5 pm.



Location: Anna Nagar East
Service: Take-away, Dining, and Home-Delivery.
Timings: Open till 4 am.

Brew Bites

Location: Egmore
Service: Dining.
Timings: 24 Hours.


Location: Ashok Nagar



3 AM breakfast in Velachery opposite Ananda Bhavan

Location: Velachery

Night eat

Location: Choolaimedu, Chennai.
Service: Take Away, Home Delivery.
Timings: 7 pm-4 am.


These are just five options but the list goes on and on. All these options are not just in your budget, it also gives you the most delicious food like nowhere else. So if you’re looking to grab a bite in the middle of the night with family, friends or even alone, you have plenty of options in Chennai.


Well, Chennai has always been the land of cuisine and authenticity. Food culture is one of the things Chennai can offer. It’s a perfect place for people working away from home, doing late night shifts, not able to manage enough time in the kitchen or even for the family, midnight meal will be available everywhere in Chennai.

Chennai got your back.

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