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Mosquitoes production facility in Singapore! But why?!!

A mosquitoes production facility!! But why to spend money on some species that can kill people was my first expression. Later, when I came to

Happy birth day Vadivelu

Happy Bday To the King of Memes, Namma Thalaivar Vadivelu!!

“Vadivelu” the name itself creates enthusiasm in south Indians specifically, Tamilians. That is the kind of impact his jokes have created in us. There were

Help is always available at

Suicide! Why is it so famous than anyone / anything in this world?!

Help is always available at  104 022-25521111    Do you know, why is Suicide so famous than anyone/anything in this world? During 2012, 80% of

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Wow!! Look at the change over of our south actresses

Change in actors and actresses' style and look over years is obvious but a very interesting topic. Today let’s entertain ourselves over a chai break

lodr ganesga

Why do we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi?

  Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most celebrated festivals by Hindus all over the world. Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated every year on the Waxing


Belly fat can be fatal! Do this exercise regime for 30 mins a day to reduce the vicious belly fat…

SIMPLE EXERCISES TO REDUCE BELLY FAT WITHOUT EQUIPMENT Belly fat is a problem faced by most middle aged people. This problem is mostly faced by

breastfeeding week

Breastfeeding week is celebrated all over the world and all you need to learn about breastfeeding…

 There are many global health days/weeks celebrated. These are done, to create awareness about the importance and need for the particular health issues or conditions.


Epidemics and pandemics, the human race have faced so far…

 First let's be clear about the difference between an epidemic and pandemic. Epidemic is an outbreak of a flu or virus, which spreads from one



Yoga is thought to be a difficult exercise as it contains many poses that are hard and tests our flexibility. But if you once go


Simple breakfast with ragi, Gluten free and vegan.

  Ragi is a widely grown plant in Asia and Africa. It is one of the most produced crops in India, as it needs very