As the actor posted a video with a tiger, Santhanam received a lot of trolling.

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As the actor posted a video with a tiger, Santhanam received a lot of trolling.

The hilarious Tamil actor Santhanam recently released a video with a tiger that received a lot of negative feedback on social media. Santhanam took a break to unwind as he prepared to wrap up 2022.

Santhanam gets heavily trolled as the actor shares a video with a tiger- Dinamani

Santhanam posted a video of himself with a tiger on his Twitter profile. Santhanam was seen petting the tiger’s tail, and he joked about it in the caption, “Idharku per than valai pidikratha #tigerlove #traveldiaries.”

However, Santhanam’s video backfired on him as internet users accused him of endorsing animal brutality.

A man was seen in the video smacking the tiger on the head with a stick, which attracted a lot of attention because the actor did nothing to stop the man from assaulting the helpless animal. The video is then requested to be removed by internet users in order to stop promoting animal abuse. But because the video is still accessible on Santhanam’s Facebook, the actor has had to deal with haters repeatedly.

In the Manoj Beedha-directed comedy-thriller “Agent Kannayiram,” Santhanam played a detective agent.

Despite receiving favourable reviews, the movie struggled to gain traction at the box office against other popular new films after having its internet debut last week.

Additionally scheduled for a satellite premiere, Agent Kannayiram will air this weekend on a well-known Tamil television channel in honour of the New Year.








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