As a woman’s video labelling Varisu as “regressive, troublesome,” Vijay’s supporters stand up for her: There are a lot of advantages.

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As a woman’s video labelling Varisu as “regressive, troublesome,” Vijay’s supporters stand up for her: There are a lot of advantages.

In a widely shared video, a woman criticises Vijay’s Tamil movie Varisu, calling it a 50-year-old problematic notion about what movies shouldn’t be produced. Numerous people have spoken out in favour of Vijay and supported the movie.

Vijay’s supporters and other moviegoers have reacted strongly to a viral video in which a woman criticises Vijay’s Varisu and calls the movie regressive and troublesome. In a video clip that has gone popular on social media, the woman is heard discussing how Varisu attempts to promote the 50-year-old notion that women should take care of everything for the benefit of a family under the pretext of a family drama.

Vijay in a still from Varisu.

Varisu, directed by Vamshi Paidipally, tells the tale of a family’s youngest son who, after learning that his father has advanced cancer, returns home to take over the family company. The way the female characters are portrayed in Varisu has drawn criticism from certain viewers.

A woman can be heard complaining about the movie in the video posted to Twitter. She responds,”It’s wonderful if a film emphasises the importance of family.It does not imply that one must consent to every wrong committed in the name of family. Once more, this movie promotes the idea that women can take care of their families by doing everything.

She continues by mentioning how the movie assumes it’s acceptable for a husband to have an extramarital affair and put up with everything for the sake of the family. “This is really a fresh interpretation of a 50-year-old problematic notion. It’s completely inappropriate for a movie to assume that viewers will agree that women should take on all responsibilities for the family in today’s society. Such movies shouldn’t be produced, she continued.

Regarding the family-related aspect, she remarked, “This movie has no values. A family must practise democracy. Films never touch on this perspective. We only ever watch movies that demand that women accept their situation and go on living.

The moviegoers’ reactions to the video were conflicting. After hearing what she said, a fan responded, “I have a point to make here.” In this movie, Vijay never commands or persuades any ladies to stay at home; in fact, he begs his mother to join him so they can live independently. However, she chooses to remain at home. One more said in Tamil, “Nobody puts any pressure on the women in the movie.The family will support her if she wants a divorce, according to Vijay, even with the SIL persona. She receives his encouragement to try. Another response came back, “This is one of the valid points.” However, the movie has a lot of strong points. Vijay flees the house since his toxic father is there. Vijay admonishes Jayasudha to maintain her independence while helping Sangeetha with her divorce proceedings.

The woman’s viewpoint was shared by a large number of individuals as well. She points out how the film subtly promotes sexism and misogyny, one user said. These fans are abusing her (sic) instead of coming up with a solution that explains how the movie doesn’t. She’s my hero, another user remarked. Another user commented: “She is pouring facts (sic), but the way she speaks might be offensive to supporters.”

Rashmika Mandanna, Jayasudha, Shaam, Srikanth, and Prakash Raj all had significant parts in Varisu.







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