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Apple Releases COVID-19 Screening App and Website

apple covid tool
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Apple will provide up-to-date guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control(CDC), sice it is in US right now. The tech gaint said that it has worked with Trump administration and federal agencies to release an app and website. Apple also clarified that the service is available in US and will be expanding to other countries.

The feature will guide the users that get datas from the Centers for Disease Control. The App will be available in the app store as “COVID-19”. It will ask the user about the symptoms, location and provide the up-to date Guidance.

The app will also give you answer about the corona virus with the information available from the CDC. The same information is available in the website The company also said these will be accessible to Windows PCs, Android users and other Non-Apple devices, so that many users can be benifited from it.

Apple also clarified that it won’t collect the data give to the app and website’s questions and will not be sent to the company database or to any goverment.