Apollo Hospitals releases the First “Comprehensive Textbook of COVID 19”

In a first, Apollo Hospitals releases the  First “Comprehensive Textbook of COVID 19”


  • A comprehensive textbook with contributions from 80 healthcare workers across specialties
  • Dedicated to thousands of HCW’s across the world who succumbed to the virus while caring for humanity

National 10th June 2021: Apollo Hospitals unveiled first-of-its-kind Comprehensive  Text book on COVID 19 , written and edited by Dr M S Kanwar, Senior Consultant, Department of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Apollo Hospitals along with 79 other co-authors  who are senior healthcare professionals from various specialities.


The  comprehensive textbook will revolutionise COVID care for healthcare workers across the world as it  gives an insight into COVID 19 related clinical manifestations, state of the art treatment and experimental therapies. The book has been put together basis statistical insights, scientific data  and plethora of new reports gathered from World Health Organization and advisories issued by National Health Services of some of the most covid 19 impacted countries across  the globe. The book not only encapsulates the challenges faced in COVID care but also elaborates on vaccination for COVID and the line of treatment for immunocompromised patients with varied co-morbidties and underlying diseases alongwith  other neurological, cardiovascular, endocrinal, renal and pediatric related health issues. The various citations of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to current literature would be useful  not only to health specialists and Resident doctors but also for the medical students. For Internists, critical care specialists, all related medical and surgical specialities this textbook will come in handly as a ready reference.

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