Anurag Thakur Provides An Update On Whether India Will Play In Pakistan For The ICC Champions Trophy 2025

Anurag Thakur

Anurag Thakur Provides An Update On Whether India Will Play In Pakistan For The ICC Champions Trophy 2025


Since the 1996 ODI World Cup, Pakistan has not hosted any major ICC tournaments, since nations have hesitated to visit the dangerous country following the 1999 assaults on the Sri Lanka cricket team. However, with cricket steadily returning to the country, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has agreed to provide Pakistan the opportunity to host the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 tournament, the first big event in more than a decade.

The fact that Pakistan will host the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025 is bad news for the Indian cricket team since their participation is now in jeopardy. The political tensions between India and Pakistan have had an impact on cricket, with neither nation’s teams participating in any bilateral series. They only come into contact with each other during the ICC tournament. With the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 being hosted by Pakistan, it remains to be seen whether the Indian board would let its squad go to the neighboring nation.

Anurag Thakur, Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports stated on Wednesday that when the time comes, the Indian government and the Home Ministry would make a decision on India’s participation in the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 in Pakistan. During a media interview, Anurag Thakur was questioned about his thoughts on Pakistan being the host country, and he stated, “The Indian government and the Home Ministry will make a decision when the time comes. During world championships, all aspects are considered.”


He went on to say, “Many countries have previously declined to play in Pakistan because to security concerns. As you are all aware, several gamers have been attacked while playing over there, which is a major issue that must be addressed.”

The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently announced the nations that would host significant ICC events in the future. The list lists the names of the nations that will host any major ICC event. For the first time, the United States and the West Indies will co-host the 2024 T20 World Cup. The Men’s T20 World Cup will be held in India and Sri Lanka in 2026, followed by another first-time big tournament in 2027.

Around October/November 2027, Namibia for the very first time is set to play host to Men’s Cricket World Cup alongside Zimbabwe and South Africa. Both South Africa and Zimbabwe have previously hosted the event back in 2003. In October 2028 the teams will be traveling to Australia and New Zealand for T20 World Cup and a year later India will host the Champions Trophy. In 2030, England, Ireland and Scotland will share the responsibility of hosting the T20 World Cup. The final scheduled event, in October/November 2031, will be the Men’s Cricket World Cup, played in India and Bangladesh.


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