Amethyst presents a pop up with the label Bhaane for the first time in Chennai!



Amethyst invites you to view a pop up with the label Bhaane for the first time in Chennai at 11.30 am on Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 at The Amethyst Room, #106, Chamiers Road, Chennai.

The exhibition will be on from 11 am to 7.30 pm, October 22nd to 29th, 2020 at The Amethyst Room.

Collection note:

730 pm @ Bhaane

Chilled glasses and a perfectly steamed dress, a bittersweet laceration of vermouth, potent perfume setting off an olfactory overload. A single lamp lit in the living room. Leaning into the vanity of half-done hair, contorting into inhuman postures as one zips-up. Rouge tainted fingers fade away before the last affirmation. Good shoes scattered carelessly as if mid-swing from yesterday’s dancing – you’ll be needing them again tonight. 

This collection is an anticipation of the bacchanalia to come, luxurious, lustrous clothes rendered in a post-sunset palette of wine, ink, and charcoal colors. Velvet and mushroom dresses, recycled polyester suits for men, a flowing, hyper-feminine tencil dress are all designed for hedonism: whether you’re headed to a secret garden party with strangers or staying in with Ella Fitzgerald, mixing martinis for one.

Price Range: Rs.2,300 onwards for Menswear and Womenswear



About bhaane note:

Bhante is a contemporary clothing brand that is made in India for the conscious, urban millennial who is inspired by popular culture but also seeks to look beyond it. Bhaane means rising sun in Gurmukhi. The name embodies the brand’s penchant for progress, change, and optimism as it unfolds in a new, alternative India. 

Bhaane is all about an individual’s point of view. It is a brand that believes that a community is a dialogue between different points of view, not a flat platform that expresses a homogenous voice. Cultural partnerships were evident in our collaboration with India Art Fair 2020 and the #bhaane for life campaign – an urban animal welfare program initiated during lockdown to raise awareness.  Whatever the brand makes – whether product, podcast, or coffee – will highlight the person behind the commodity rather than the commodity itself.  

Shahi Exports, Bhaane’s parent brand, is India’s largest apparel manufacturer. It is currently close to 120,000 employees, and nearly 70% of this demographic is made up of women. This is one of the many ways in which Shahi Exports has set a precedent in creating progressive workplaces. It is also an example in the state of the art factories, and fair trade practices.


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