Akshara Singh confronts Neha, tells her she likes Pratik Sehajpal

Akshara Singh

Bigg Boss OTT: It is never too late to confess!! Akshara Singh confronts Neha, tells her she likes Pratik Sehajpal

~One of the reasons why Akshara Singh felt bad when Pratik dropped her as his connections was because she liked him and still does, Akshara confronts Neha, Pratik’s current partner~

 Chennai: In the Bigg Boss OTT house contestants’ emotions go through a roller coaster ride every day. One of the obvious emotions that the audience must have seen is of Akshara Singh. While Akshara and Pratik were in a connection, things were fine but as soon as Pratik changed his connection and picked Neha, Akshara was heartbroken. The Bhojpuri actress could not control her tears for quite some time and was very upset with Pratik.

However, after Pratik chose Neha, Akshara was seen maintaining her distance from the duo but how much will a person stay away while staying in the same house. Neha and Akshara happened to sit down and decided that it would be nice if they could talk and clear things out and move on from all the hard feelings. When they started talking, all misunderstandings one after the other were being cleared. Neha Bhasin even told Akshara that she didn’t like it when the latter said, ‘Mard le jaate ho’. But that’s when Akshara corrected Neha and said that her exact words were “Mere aadmi par nazar hai”.

Neha further asked Akshara why she felt bad when Neha told her that she was behaving like Pratik’s wife. Akshara chose to be honest and confessed to Neha that she liked Pratik, that is when Neha mentioned that she was not aware of her feelings for Pratik. When the topic of Pratik came up, Neha said she never had any feelings for Pratik or even Millind Gaba, her former connection. That’s when Akshara indicated Neha to be careful of Pratik, and that he is just playing his game. Akshara told Neha how Pratik always talked about Neha and claimed that she was after him. She further revealed that Pratik is very smart, he puts forward an impression that Neha is the one coming close to him. While Akshara spoke to Neha, she was concerned for the singer and wanted to show her the real picture. The only reason why Pratik is clinging to you is because you are famous, and people know you, Akshara further added.

After a heavy conversation, Neha thought of confronting Pratik about everything that Akshara said, but Pratik denied all accusations by Akshara. Pratik sure is playing a smart game but will it act in his support? Let’s see how far he goes with his strategy.

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