Actor Richa Chadha Issues an Apology Following Criticism for Her “Galwan Says Hi” Tweet

Actor Richa Chadha Issues an Apology Following Criticism for Her “Galwan Says Hi” Tweet

Actress Richa Chadha issued a public apology today for removing a contentious tweet that appeared to mock a top army commander’s call for reclaiming Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) by makingallusion to the battle with Chinese forces in Galwan in 2020.

“I genuinely apologise if the three words that are causing a dispute have offended or wounded anyone, even though it can never be the tiniest bit my goal.I also say that it would sadden me if even unintentionally, my words had sparked this emotion in my brothers in the fauj (army), of which my own Nanaji has been an illustrious member, Richa Chadha said in a tweet.

The Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi claimed that the army is “always ready” for any order from the government to retake areas of Kashmir that Pakistan has illegally occupied and that it “would give them a befitting reply.” The actor had previously tweeted controversially on this claim.

Galwan greets you. Tweeting about the commander’s remarks, Richa Chadha.

Many people referred to the post as “shameful and terrible” once it became popular.

In her message of apology, Richa Chadha stated that her grandpa, a “Lieutenant Colonel,” had been wounded in the leg during the Indo-China War. “My mother was a parachutist. My family is prone to it. I can appreciate how a mother feels when her kid gives his life or suffers harm defending the nation, which is made up of people just like us. It’s a delicate topic for me.”

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The BJP criticised the actor’s “Galwan says hi” tweet in a video message.

“The Indian people have a strong admiration for the Army and the armed forces.” We respect the views of view expressed by our army chief. It is unfortunate that someone decided to mock the army by sharing anything on social media.

Is it accurate? Do we ever comprehend the bravery shown in Galwan by the soldiers who gave their lives defending their country? It is regrettable and unacceptable to publish this type of content “said Nalin Kohli, a BJP spokesperson.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa, a different BJP leader, tweeted: “abominable tweet should be withdrawn as soon as possible. It is inappropriate to disparage our armed forces.”

Others criticised the actor on Twitter.

“Galwan says hi,” according to Richa Chadha’s response to a commanding officer’s statement on POK, denigrating those who perished protecting India.” ridiculing the Indian military She one again demonstrates how much lower this industry can go. They are not worth more than a boycott, “a user said.

“mocking our warriors’ sacrifice in the Galwan Valley. Disgraceful & reprehensible, “another said.

Twenty Indian troops devoted their life in defence of their country during the Galwan hostilities that broke out in June 2020. Around 40 Chinese soldiers were killed or injured as a result of the incident, which also precipitated a series of conflicts between the two nations.

Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi made his statement in response to remarks made by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, who emphasised the government’s determination to retake Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).







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