According to Shruti Haasan, women in all professions ought to support one another.

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According to Shruti Haasan, women in all professions ought to support one another.

Shruti Haasan, a multidisciplinary artist, recently joined Priyanka Khimani, a media strategist and entertainment attorney, at IIT Bombay’s E-Summit 2023. The pair spoke at length about their investment methods and provided the students with insight into the considerations they take into account when making decisions about their businesses and/or signing new contracts. Few people are aware of Shruti’s investments in numerous businesses and her strong financial sense, despite the fact that everyone is aware of her profession as an actress and singer.

However, Shruti was quick to remind out that this wasn’t always the case: “I believe it’s extremely important to equip yourself with the right guidance since one can’t know everything and it’s perfectly alright. Taking equity as an illustration.

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When asked a question of a similar nature at the summit, Shruti responded, “I have sought help from financial advisers and individuals like Priyanka and it’s acceptable not to be an expert and it’s really been crucial to then arm themselves with correct information. I believe what I have learned, especially from working with Priyanka. For instance, when it comes to equity, I’ve learned that it’s not enough to simply give your name to a brand; you also need to be aware of the minute details about documentation and wording because, in the end, those things will serve to summarise your brand. It caused me to take a deeper, more thorough look at who I am.

Shruti also discussed their joint project, BLCK, with artist Santanu Hazarika. The actress continued, “BLCK is a concept that Santanu and I are really passionate about. It is a welcoming environment for artists where everyone is welcome. BLCK promotes innovation, art, and creativity and aspires to act as a platform for all artists. Our goal is to support, counsel, and direct artists in regards to contracts and negotiations, as well as generally help them understand their work and creativity, she said.

In addition, Shruti elaborated on BLCK, saying, “People like Santanu have found the way and scaled that mountain themselves in the creative space. We want to create that energy and synergy while appreciating that subculture because I have in many ways as well. It’s about overcoming our fear of words like selling out and actually building a financial independence river and stream that works and is enjoyable for ourselves as well as for those who are listening and watching us, she said.







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