According to Prime Minister Modi, India’s G20 agenda would be inclusive, ambitious, and action-oriented.

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According to Prime Minister Modi, India’s G20 agenda would be inclusive, ambitious, and action-oriented.

As India began its G-20 presidency on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the country will work to further promote oneness, inspired by the theme of “One Earth, One Family, One Future,” and identified terror, climate change, and pandemic as the most significant threats that must be addressed collectively.

India’s G20 priorities would be developed in cooperation with not only our G20 partners, but also with our fellow travellers in the global South, whose voices are frequently ignored, he said.

He went on to say that India’s G20 agenda will be inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented, and decisive.In an article that appeared in several journals and was also posted on his website, he wrote, “Let us work together to build a new paradigm – human-centric globalisation. Let us ensure that India’s G20 presidency is distinguished by peace, harmony, and hope.

The government looks forward to cooperating on supporting sustainable lifestyles, depoliticizing global food, fertiliser, and medical product supplies, among other things, the prime minister said in a series of tweets.

I really believe that now is the best time to take it a step further and spark a fundamental mindset change for the good of all humanity, he declared. The prime minister stated that the time has passed for people to be caught in the same old zero-sum worldview that has led to shortages and strife.

He stated, “It is time to be inspired by our spiritual traditions that promote unity and work together to confront global issues.

“As India assumes this big position, I wonder how far the G20 can go?” Can we instigate a fundamental mindset shift that will benefit humanity as a whole? “I believe we can,” he stated in the write-up, reflecting on the historic moment in Indian diplomacy.

Since humanity has always experienced shortage, our circumstances impact our thoughts. People fought for limited resources because doing so would ensure their own survival. He observed that “confrontation and competitiveness between ideas, ideologies, and identities” have become the norm.

“Unfortunately, we are still locked in the same zero-sum paradigm.” It is evident when countries clash over territory or resources. We witness it when basic supplies are weaponized. We see that when a few people stockpile vaccines while billions remain unprotected,” he said.

Modi has the power to make G20 beyond economics by making it more inclusive by inviting guest countries to represent the voices of the vulnerable. (Image: PMO India)

If humans were innately selfish, he wondered, what would explain the enduring appeal of so many spiritual traditions that espouse the underlying oneness of us all?

All living things, even inanimate objects, are said to be composed of the same five fundamental elements, known as the panch tatva, which include earth, water, fire, and air, according to a popular Indian tale. air, and space,” Modi remarked. Harmony between these aspects, both within and between us, is critical for our bodily, social, and environmental well-being.” “India’s G20 Presidency will endeavour to enhance this universal sense of oneness,” he continued. As a result, our theme is “One Earth, One Family, One Future.”

Today, the globe has the means to create enough to meet everyone’s fundamental needs.”We don’t have to fight for our lives today – our era doesn’t have to be one of hostility He remarked, “It can’t possible be one.”

Fortunately, today’s technology also allows us to solve problems on a global scale, he said, adding that India, with one-sixth of the world’s population and an enormous range of languages, faiths, customs, and beliefs, is a microcosm of the world.

'G20 will be inclusive, action-oriented': Modi says as India takes over  presidency - The Week

In order to instil hope in future generations, India will urge an open dialogue among the world’s most powerful countries about minimising the hazards presented by weapons of mass destruction and improving global security, he said.

According to him, as the “mother of democracy,” India’s national consensus is formed not through diktat but by combining millions of free voices into a harmonious tune.

According to him, India is currently the world’s fastest expanding big economy, and its “citizen-centric governance model” cares for even its most marginalised citizens while cultivating the creative brilliance of its young youth.

Digital public goods that are open, inclusive, and interoperable were produced using technology. “They have led to significant breakthroughs in domains as diverse as social protection, financial inclusion, and electronic payments,” he claimed.






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