Abhishek Bachchan: I wouldn’t trade my acting experience for anything.

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Abhishek Bachchan: I wouldn’t trade my acting experience for anything.

Abhishek Bachchan is reprising his role as Avinash aka JJ in the second season of “Breathe: Into the Shadows,” which is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Other key players in the supporting cast include Amit Sadh, Nithya Menen, Naveen Kasturia, Saiyami Kher, and Ivana Kaur. After the premiere season was released in 2020, people have been impatiently awaiting the following one. The actor Abhishek has received acclaim and admiration on social media more for his handling of intense emotions than for the plot.

The psychological thriller is produced by Abundantia Entertainment, and Mayank Sharma, together with Arshad Syed, Vikram Tuli, Priya Saggi, and Abhijeet Deshpande, co-created season 2. Presently, Abhishek is astounded by all the favourable remarks it has received.received. He discusses his response to the response, his preparation, and his more than two-decade career in the entertainment industry in this interview.

A. Season 2 of “Breath: Into the Shadow” has been adjudicated. What do you think of the criticism that Abhishek Bachchan’s portrayal of Avinash, aka J, has improved in terms of emotion?

Abhishek: We are overjoyed, and reading positive remarks about the team’s labour of love gives us great hope. Any actor will probably agree with me that the success of the programme is the result of the team’s tireless efforts, so I can’t truly take the credit. The team is required, thereforeThe response we are receiving makes us really happy and excited. Since it hasn’t even been 48 hours (as of the time of this interview), Mayank and the Amazon team just informed me that we are currently trending at number one in India, which is an amazing accomplishment for which we are very grateful to the viewers.

Would you like to discuss the trickiest aspect of this show? Was there any pressure to build on the success that season one had already achieved?
Breathe: Into The Shadows
Abhishek: You are constantly giving things a lot of thought. You want to strive to improve on what you previously accomplished. You don’t want anyone feeling bored in yourthe second season, so a major problem was how to build on what you accomplished last time, especially for Mayank and the writer. We paid close attention to that, and I’m happy that people are responding positively to it.

In the past two years, your OTT endeavours have allowed us to see the range of your acting abilities. Do you believe that the streaming platform has offered you, as an actor, more room and freedom to display your versatility?

Abhishek: No, my role as an actor is the same whether it is for a movie, television show, stage performance, or a website that streams video online. On any platform, you must give it your all. It involves desiring.I have been fortunate enough to associate with some pretty diverse storytelling, therefore I am extremely thrilled to be a part of fantastic stories.

You’ve been in the business for more than 20 years; tell me about your lessons learned and whether you kept track of your errors.

Abhishek: In my opinion, you can learn something new every day and from every movie. You will always emerge as a richer actor in that sense as long as you are open and attentive to trying to better. It has been amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The experiences I have managed to accumulate over the last 20 years have made me what little I am today.

What factors do you consider while choosing your films or projects at this point in your career?

Abhishek: You are aware that it may be really challenging to settle on just one thing to look for. You should consider it more holistically, in my opinion. Do you like that project in its entirety? Does that tale motivate you? And I believe that will be the phrase used to describe it most broadly.

But has the method of making movies changed at all?

Abhishek: In my opinion, no. There are absolutely no changes, there are none at all. We must still tell a compelling story because we are storytellers. There is no change to that; that is all there is.

A. Have you ever watched something on OTT that you really wish you could have seen in a theatre?

Abhishek: I’m not sure if when I watch something I think that way. I watch it, not really thinking about the platform on which I am watching it. I’ve never really considered watching a show or a movie in that sense because for me, it’s a very intimate experience. I don’t think in the sense that I wish I could have watched that on a big screen.

What is the current state of your upcoming projects?

Abhishek: Well, I currently have a movie called “Ghoomar” that Balki directed with Saiyami and me, and that should be released relatively soon. In addition, I have another movie called “SSS 7” that is almost finished. As a result, just these two movies are finished and ready for distribution.





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