Aafat choreographers Piyush-Shazia discuss the VFX employed in the song, claiming that Vijay Deverakonda had to rehearse extensively.

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Aafat choreographers Piyush-Shazia discuss the VFX employed in the song, claiming that Vijay Deverakonda had to rehearse extensively.

The songs’ choreographers, Aafat and Nadiyon Paar, Piyush and Shazia, told Hindustan Times that it was difficult to get Vijay Deverakonda and Janhvi Kapoor out of their comfort zones in the songs.

Piyush and Shazia are quickly delivering one great Bollywood track after another. Janhvi Kapoor, Vijay Deverakonda, and Ananya Panday have literally danced to their beat. The choreographer team is going places after their breakthrough with reality programme Dance Plus in 2016. From filming for a Bhediya song in Arunachal Pradesh’s Ziro to building Bali using VFX in Liger song Aafat, the choreographer combo is going places. Piyush and Shazia discussed breaking Janhvi’s’sweet girl’ image and having Vijay Deverakonda dance like a pro for the first time in an interview with Hindustan Times. They’ve also spoken out about anything that wasn’t real in Liger’s song Aafat.

Shazia adds they like to be versatile in their choreography and choose the song and location based on the storyline. “Aafat was shot in Goa during the pandemic,” she remarked of her collaboration with Ananya Panday and Vijay Deverakonda on the film. The song’s exotic islands in the water and distant caves are all VFX. That is the power of visual effects. It’s difficult because you have to visualise it in real life, which is basically open sky, land, and water.”

Shazia also mentioned that Vijay Deverakonda had to put in a lot of effort to get into the appropriate mindset for Aafat. “Liger was Vijay’s first film in which he had to do a lot of dancing.” He hadn’t done much dancing in his South movie. “Vijay is not a natural dancer and had to practise a lot, but he eventually learned it,” she explains.

Despite being a rehashed version of Shamur’s smash, Let The Music Play, Piyush and Shazia managed to score a hit with Janhvi Kapoor’s Nadiyon Paar. Sachin-Jigar recomposed the song, which was used as a special dance number in Janhvi’s 2021 film Roohi.

Choreographer Duo Shazia-Piyush Reveal How Vijay Deverakonda's 'Aafat' Used  VFX In 'Liger'

“Hats off to the music composers and director of Nadiyon Paar for performing it so beautifully,” Piyush says of the remade version. The song has not been ruined. There is additional pressure if the audio is well replicated. Janhvi’s first solo dance number as a performer was Nadiyon Paar, and she nailed it. After appearing in the song, her entire view on her transformed.”

Janhvi, according to Shazia, made an effort to exhibit her glamorous side on TV and excelled at it. “Janhvi is an excellent dancer with natural grace.” She had to break out of her lovely girl shell and adopt a hot body language. She had to believe in herself that she could enter this zone and kill it. “It was difficult to coax that performance out of her,” she admits.







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