A Review of the PM International Income Opportunity

Founded by CEO, Rolf Sorg, PM International is a Health and Wellness company based out of Germany. According to European sources, PM International is number 1 in the German nutritional supplement market.

PM International has a market presence in over 20 countries. They would like everyone to know, “Europe is not our goal, but our location.”

This German based company is busy establishing their presence in America. PM International is also busy establishing their PM e-commerce opportunity for their business partners with their own turnkey internet businesses.

The company is worldwide and offers a vast array of product lines addressing nutritional supplements for the entire family.

PM International has a patented “FitLine Premium Health Solution that is the answer to the perfect Anti-Aging Program they have that is built around using their FitLine nutritional products.

When viewing their Business Presentation they claim that people are looking to live life to the fullest. They speak about acquiring lots of time freedom and the ability to spend time with your family after joining the company. Some of the reps on their Introduction Video boast about how much fun they are having promoting their products and creating exquisite lifestyles most people don’t dare try to dream of.

Some of the reps even claim after joining this company that they were able to bond better with their families because of the extra time they now have with them. A quick glimpse of their office showed a modern looking 3 story building. They claim all you need is a goal and to be willing to change your life, and the rest will automatically follow suit.

Founded by Rolph Zorg, a millionaire by the age of 25, his vision was to start a family owned company that would change the world. His main motivation was to give back to the industry all it gave him, and the ability to give others financial freedom. Their products are based on quality and not price. He assembled a top scientific team of experts to bring his vision to life. They wanted to bring the nutrients to the cellular level where they are most effective.

They manufacture their products according to GMP standards, which guarantees they are the highest quality products on the market today. They say their fitline products have different nutrient transport features than other products have. They claim their are no better products in the world than the fitline product line.

PM International also offers a complete line of skin care products and cosmetics, as well as baseball caps, drinking bottles, fleece pullovers, T-shirts and windbreakers.

PM International offers everyone worldwide the opportunity to become an independent PM International home based distributor for all of their products.

As Independent Consultants, you sell their products through the company’s Internet Wellness Shops, creating your own home based business.

This company also offers live video and phone conferences to it’s independent Wellness Consultants four times a week to keep everyone updated and answer questions Consultants might have about the business.

As a Wellness Consultant with PM International you have their support. You determine your financial growth at your own pace. The company is interested in long term harmonious relationships with it’s Consultants. PM International wants you to work with them in a relaxed atmosphere, receiving their support in every area you need in order to be a success.

Source by Brian Garvin

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