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A Bridal Showcase at Malabar Gold & Diamonds

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An exclusive bridal showcase ‘Brides of India’ has been launched by Malabar Gold & Diamonds. Celebrity designer Rehana Basheer presented the bridal fashion show in keeping up with the spirit of the nation.

The bridal jewellery collection is designer for the new-age brides that is crafted according to the different customs and cultures. The collection is aimed at customers who want a modern touch with traditional designs.

Customers will get a chance to buy a range of traditional and original jewellery from their sub-brands such as Era-uncut Diamond jewellery, Ethnic-Handcrafted Designer jewellery, Divine-Indian Heritage jewellery, Mine-Exclusive Diamond jewellery, Starlet-Kids Jewellery and Precis-Precious Gem Jewellery.

Malabar-Jewellery Models