women’s law : 5 laws that each and every woman should know! – Part 1.

 5 laws that each and every woman should know

women’s law : Crimes against women in India occur every minute in India. Women are not safe whether it is in their house or in public places or at the workplace. Remember knowledge is power. As a parent, wife, daughter, employee, and a woman, these are rights set in place to protect you are aware of these.

Here there are the 5 women’s law that each and every woman should know:

  1. The Probhibition Of Child Marriage Act,2006 :

According to the international Research center for women, almost 47percent of girls are being married before the age of 18. Currently, India ranks 13 in the world when it comes to child marriage. The prohibition of child marriage act was made effective in 2007.

2. Special Marriage Act, 1954:    

The objectives of this act are to provide a special form of marriage in certain cases, provide for the registration of certain marriages, and to provide divorce.


womens act

3. Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961:

According to this act, taking our driving of dowry at the time of the marriage to the bride or the bridegroom and their family is to be penalized. It is one of the major challenges that our society is grappling with. Women openly complaining about it has helped to spread the word and encourage other women to take a stand.


Dowry Prohibition

4. Indian Divorce Act 1969 :

    The Indian Divorce act allows the dissolution of marriage, mutual consent, nullity of marriage, judicial separation, and restitution of conjugal rights.



5. Maternity Benefit Act, 1861:

      This act regulates the employment of women and maternity benefits mandated by law.







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